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Fast. Easy. Retro-fit.

Scan&Fly brings you the benefits of Self Bag Drop in a Retrofit package. Shorten queues at bag drop and lower your operational costs without changing the existing airport infrastructure.

– Happy passengers
– Lower operational costs
– More terminal capacity
– Truly common-use Self Bag Drop


Scan&Fly is the proud winner of a red dot award.

Fast. Easy. Retro-fit. High design quality.


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    For happy passengers at:

  • Self bag Drop at Eindhoven Airport Scan&Fly by Type22

    Eindhoven Airport

    "Type22 is a very reliable organization and together with the customer they think ahead for solutions."

    Ivar van der Smaal - Eindhoven Airport

  • Self Bag Drop at Hong Kong International Airport

    Hong Kong International Airport

    "We chose Type22 as our partner for the live demo because of their Self Bag Drop expertise."

    Chris H W Au Young - Authority Hong Kong

  • HEL - smaller

    Helsinki Airport

    "With Scan&Fly we served a record number of customers this summer and made the passenger journey to departure gate faster."

    Timo Rissanen - Finnair

  • GVA_Final

    Geneva Airport

    "Scan&Fly offers a user friendly solution for capacity restraints in the terminal."

    Jacques Morgenegg - Geneva Airport

  • BRU_Final

    Brussels Airport

    "Passengers respond very well to Scan&Fly. They find the Self Bag Drop process quick and simple."

    Pedro Casimiro - Brussels Airlines

  • RTHA_Final

    Rotterdam The Hague Airport

    "Scan&Fly offers many benefits for our passengers, of which speed and convenience are most important."

    Jan-Willem Perdon - Rotterdam The Hague Airport


Scan&Fly is much more than just a piece of hardware. Type22 customers receive a complete self-service bag drop process.

Explore the highlights below to find out more about the Scan&Fly features.

Floor layout plan and signage

Step 1: Floor layout plan and signage

Scan&Fly is much more than a mere piece of hardware. Type22 takes pride in its passenger process expertise, and we are more than happy to share our experience with you when implementing Scan&Fly.

The best passenger experience starts once the passenger enters the terminal. Which is why Scan&Fly includes not just our advice on floor layout and signage templates, but also instructional videos and how-to posters. It is our way of ensuring the passenger knows exactly what to do, and how to do it before reaching Scan&Fly, which saves time and money.


Step 2: Info&Fly

Scan&Fly is available with Info&Fly; two related information systems that results in more service for passengers and optimal efficiency on the floor.

Agent Information System (AIS)

A portable device is operated by the floorwalker to conveniently monitor:

– current status of all Scan&Fly units
– notifications of Scan&Fly usage or support requests
– warnings, which require immediate action

Management Information System (MIS)

MIS is the easiest way to monitor self-service bag drop. Data like success rates, records per passenger and the amount of processed bags are available to guarantee optimal performance.


The Process

Step 3: The Process

While we prefer the one-stop process from a passenger experience point of view, Scan&Fly is a complete and flexible Self Bag Drop solution that can be configured to fit specific airport and airline needs.

One-stop process: tag and drop a bag in under 60 seconds.
Two-stop process: drop a pre-tagged bag in under 15 seconds.
Combined process: passengers with or without pre-tagged baggage can drop their bag.

Performance and design. In a retrofit package.

Step 4: Performance and design. In a retrofit package.

Because of its smart design, Scan&Fly is so compact and light that it fits over existing airport check-in conveyors. The unique and patented design enables plug-and-play installation, with full BHS and DCS integration. No costly overhauls of the airport infrastructure needed.

The Type22 Bag Tag – already a winner

Step 5: The Type22 Bag Tag – already a winner

Type22 is dedicated to its focus on the best possible passenger experience. That is why Type22 has developed a brand new label to further increase passenger convenience and make the tag and drop process even faster.

The bag tag is already in use at Hong Kong International Airport, Brussels Airport and Geneva Airport.


BHS and DCS interface

Step 6: BHS and DCS interface

Departure Control System (DCS) interface

Scan&Fly is ideally suited for multiple airline use. To achieve this, the Scan&Fly application links via a Web Service to the DCS of all the participating airlines. To promote standardization, Scan&Fly is fully compliant with IATA / ACI ACRIS Web Services Standard for Self Bag Drop. This cost effective solution takes just weeks to implement and guarantees your passengers the best user experience you can imagine.

Baggage Handling System (BHS) interface

Our expertise in integrating Scan&Fly to existing weighing scales, check-in conveyors and collector belts is what makes us retrofit specialists. No matter who your BHS supplier is, which PLC’s you use or what hardware you have in place, we will make it work. We integrate Scan&Fly into your check-in counters to give you Self Bag Drop capability – without sacrificing the ability to process passengers manually when you need to

Passenger satisfaction survey

Step 7: Passenger satisfaction survey

Passengers are our first priority. Which is why Type22 values their opinion about the Scan&Fly experience. What do they like about Scan&Fly? What can be done to further improve the start of their journey? Scan&Fly includes a customized passenger satisfaction survey to find out.


Continuous improvement with Info&Fly


− Monitor your operational processes with MIS

− Offer your passengers personalised services with AIS

− Guarantee the best overall passenger process

− Easy maintenance with SIS


Happy airline hosts with

Agent Information SystemInfo&Fly v - prio tag - no background (ptw ad)

AIS is a portable device used by the host to identify:

− The live status of the SBD´s

− Passengers who require additional attention
   (e.g. priority passengers)

− Warnings that require immediate action
  (e.g. printer almost out of paper)


Happy airport operators with MIS and SIS

SIS: for reporting, performance analysis and continuous improvement

− SBD process times per Self Bag Drop device
− Number of successful bag drops
− Number of unsuccessful bag drops and reasons why
− Status of the equipment and technical availability

SIS: for monitoring, diagnostics and quick maintenance

First and Second level support engineers receive pro-active alerts and
troubleshoot information.

Message Board

  • Finavia offers their passengers at Helsinki and Oulu Airport 2-stop Scan&Fly for a fast Self Bag Drop (baggage drop-off only within 25 seconds). No trip to Finland scheduled any time soon? No need to worry: see this video to find out how fast Self Bag Drop can be. Or click on the image below.

    Self Bag Drop Scan&Fly by Type22 at Helsinki Airport

    Self Bag Drop Scan&Fly by Type22 at Helsinki Airport

  • Scan&Fly Self Bag Drop at Eindhoven Airport







    Eindhoven Airport installs Scan&Fly


    The largest regional Airport in the Netherlands has made the next step to offer their passengers the best possible travel experience. With innovative solutions like Self Bag Drop, Eindhoven Airport can cope with their rapid growth, while shortening the waiting times for passengers. Passengers flying with Transavia and Ryanair now have the opportunity to check-in their hold baggage themselves with Scan&Fly, the Self Bag Drop solution from Type22.

    Read more or click image below to view video.








  • Type22 is organizing the second 98% Self Bag Drop Conference

    Click to see program.












    Wish to attend? Send an e-mail to

    We look forward to welcome you there!


    Looking to enhance the passenger travel experience at your airport? Visit ARINC and Type22 at booth #45 to learn more about Scan&Fy.

    Self Bag Drop is proven to improve the travel experience of passengers around the world. It speeds up the check-in process and increases airport terminal capacity, lowering operational costs at the same time.

    During FTE Global, Type22 will have an interactive demonstration of Scan&Fly – a Self Bag Drop solution that enables fast bag drop for passengers. The retrofit design of Scan&Fly offers a non-intimidating service for passengers and ensures a ‘plug and play’ installation in the existing airport infrastructure, saving valuable terminal space.

    Type22 does not only deliver Scan&Fly, but delivers the entire Self Bag Drop process with the best passenger experience. One of our surprisingly simple solutions is called Info&Fly, an application that enables hosts and ground staff to offer passengers pro-active service during bag drop.


    Scan&Fly One-stop Self Bag DropAIS



    Visit booth #45 for a Scan&Fly demonstration by Jelmer Huizinga from Type22. If you would like to learn more or schedule a demonstration or meeting beforehand, contact Jelmer Huizinga at


    24-26 September | Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas | Booth #45

  • When we talk about improving the passenger experience, the term Self Bag Drop is often mentioned in the same breath. But, how do passengers really feel about Self Bag Drop? Type22 asked them. A six month pilot with Scan&Fly, the Self Bag Drop solution from Type22, in Asia was the perfect opportunity.

    Scan&Fly in Asia, Fast and Easy Self Bag Drop

    Video: Scan&Fly in Asia

    The result?
    Passengers have fully embraced Self Bag Drop. 80% of the passengers would even prefer Self Bag Drop over of a traditional manned desk (including 5% that would prefer Self Bag Drop in case of queues). Self-tagging is often find the most difficult part of Self Bag Drop. But this doesn’t show. The passengers have rated the usability of the Type22 bag tag with an 8.

    What passengers say…
    For this pilot the Airport has chosen to test one-stop Self Bag Drop that offers passengers the best passenger experience because they can print and attach a bag tag and drop their hold baggage in one step. And that shows: they find Scan&Fly ‘Fast and easy’ and rate bag drop with Scan&Fly with an 8,4 (out of 10). A small selection of passenger quotes: ‘We didn’t have to queue, it’s very good’, ‘The bag drop process is fast and easy’ and ‘I can save time and can enjoy my breakfast earlier’.


    hkg pax video

    Video: what passengers say about Self Bag Drop with Scan&Fly

    So Self Bag Drop really does improve the passengers journey because it is faster, and passengers no longer have to queue and thus spend more time on their breakfast, coffee, or to do a bit of shopping (and that is of course good news for the airports revenue..).

    1-stop Self Bag Drop

    This particular Airport was looking into Self Bag Drop solutions for a six month trial use of one-stop Self Bag Drop process, which means that passengers can both print and attach a bag tag and drop their hold baggage. The smart design enables Scan&Fly to fit on every existing airport infrastructure, utilizing the existing check-in desks and conveyer belts.

    Infographic - How passengers truly feel about Self Bag Drop - editted for website


    Download infographic

    Type22 delivers baggage handling products for airports and airlines to make hassle-free baggage handling become the standard. The company’s products are simple to use and are designed to fit seamlessly into the airport environment. Type22 works with the complete process in mind, not just the product. For more information about Scan&Fly and Type22 visit or


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Twitter: @Type22aero

Specifications: Scan&Fly in numbers

Fast, functional and easy retrofit in more detail.

Download the Scan&Fly brochure and our answers to Frequently Asked Questions below.

Download brochure
Download FAQs

  • transaction time with pre-tagged baggage: 15 seconds
  • transaction time with tagging at Scan&Fly: 60 seconds
  • Dimensions:
    – Width: 480 mm – 580 mm- Height: 350 mm- Support frame height: 650 mm – 750 mm (customer specific)
  • Printers: AEA certified bag tag printer and/or general purpose printer

  • Autofocus 3.2 megapixel camera
  • Airline dedicated or common use operation
  • CUSS certified version available soon
  • Optional: payment module (Maestro, V-pay, major credit cards)
  • Optional: radio-frequency bag tag reader (RFID)
  • Optional: radio-frequency card reader (RFID)

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